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Very proud to announce that I’ll be playing the dual roles of Tony Ryan and Randall Lawson in this exciting new work being presented by Crosstown Artists.

Details about the show  are below. Hope you can all find the time to come along.

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Slammed: The life and hard times of everyone you know.

Slam poetry, graffiti art, original music and a stellar cast slam together in an edgy new production not to be missed.

Written by: Stefanie Brooke Harper 
Directed by: John Peek

Set in a fictitious but familiar contemporary Australian high school amidst some troubled teens, Slammed follows the story of Jake Ryan – a downtrodden 15 year old with a tough life. We soon learn, however, that Jake is not the only one getting ‘slammed.’ As the lives and hardships of those around him continue to collide, it becomes clear that if you scratch the surface or stop to look behind the mask, there are many hard times and struggles in the life of, well… everyone you know.

Endorsed by industry experts and supported by the One Punch Can Kill campaign, ‘Slammed’ offers delightful yet challenging insight into our youth, our society and ourselves.

Tickets are limited and selling fast!


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“These are stories that must be told and the conversations we must have.”
– Ross Thompson, One Punch Can Kill Foundation.